What are the Requirements?
We have four main offerings each with their own specific requirements. Please see the following for specifics:

>Big Adventure Course (mainly for adults, teens & older kids)
>Kid's Adventure Course (for kids 6-12 yrs old)
>Tandem Zip Lines (mainly for adults, teens & older kids)
>Outdoor Laser Tag (mainly for adults, teens & older kids)

All Participants must must sign a waiver (or have one signed by a parent/guardian if under 18). This is a legal document which must be read carefully and properly completed prior to climbing or playing laser tag.

Everyone must be sober and competent enough to run their own safety system properly in the manner trained. This involves clipping on and off the safety lines as you navigate around a course.

Weight limit for any Climbing: 250 pounds
Weight limit for 600 Foot Tandem Zip Lines: Min 90 lbs, Max 210 lbs.

Can I just show up or do I have to book in advance?
Bookings must be made in advance. We would be just as disappointed to tell you we are fully booked as you if you miss out on our adrenaline-filled experience. Make your reservation quickly and easily online or give us a call. It will only take a couple clicks to reserve your spot!

How can I pay?

When you book Online you can pay with a PayPal account or any major credit card. Alternately, you can pay when you arrive at Rise and Climb.  We can take credit, debit or cash.  We cannot accept American Express.

Do you offer Season Passes?
Yes, you can purchase a membership which grants you access to the Big Adventure Course during normal working hours. Please click here for more details.

Can I hire a guide to take my children so I don't have to go up with them?
If your child is between 6-12 yrs of age he/she can do the Kid's Adventure Course independently. This course as it has been specifically designed for kids with a more advanced belay system which adds an additional layer of safety. Course staff will be on hand to assist your child. Parents can cheer and direct from the paths underneath. 

Can my child, who is unable to operate their own clips, go on the Big Course with me?
We do allow young children on the course with their parents if the parent thinks the child will feel comfortable at this height.  In cases such as these, parents would be responsible to operate and manage both their own clips and those of your child.  We do restrict this type of partnership to our first level.

What am I attached to while on the course and is it safe? 
High ropes courses are very safe provided you use them as directed and trained. Participants at Rise and Climb are fitted with a standard climbing harnesses, helmet and a two carabiner lanyard system. Our staff provide mandatory training on how to use the gear properly and participants must complete a low ground training course before moving onto the main course.

The safety system requires that you always connect yourself to a belay cable (safety line) while off the ground. Each participant is responsible to clip on and off the safety lines while navigating around the course. Guides will be supervising participants but ultimately each participant is responsible to manage his/her safety system and to use the equipment properly as trained. If you don't clip on and off properly you could fall but this is extremely unlikely as you will be be taught how to clip on and off properly and will be given time to practice before proceeding onto the main course. Our guides will always be close by if you need advice or assistance.

Children who go on the Kid's Adventure Course are fitted with a more advanced, always on belay system which adds an extra layer of safety for the little ones.

What should I wear?
You should wear something suitable for climbing that allows freedom of movement including adequate footwear (preferably sneakers but NO flip flops sandals or Crocs). If you have long hair please have it tied back. You must remove large earrings, necklaces and rings as they could get caught in the ropes or safety lines. Remove keys, loose change, and bulky items from your pockets so that you don't drop them on someone below you and gloves are certainly a good idea if its your first time doing this type of activity.

What will I do with my stuff while on the course?
We can provide you with a space to keep a few small items (keys) but it's best to leave as much as possible in your vehicle. 

Do you have washroom facilities?
There are public washrooms in the Terry Fox Clubhouse. Stop by on your way from the parking lot to the course.

Are staff members on the course with me?
Course staff will be positioned throughout the courses to assist you as needed. Similar to a lifeguard, we do not guide you through the course but we will not leave you hanging when in need! Ultimately you are responsible to manage your safety system and to use the equipment properly as trained.

What happens if I want to get down?

We always encourage people to challenge themselves but to stay within their limits. Our course will get progressively more challenging the farther you go and the higher you get. If you get stuck and cannot physically go on, we have a number of ways to get you down including lowering you to the ground via a belay system managed by our guides.

Are you open in the rain?
We only close due to really heavy winds (60 km) or thunder and lightning. A little rain won’t hurt you! If you have any doubts whether or not we are open, give us a call.

Is there anywhere for spectators and photographers to watch?

Spectators are welcome to watch from the seating areas around the course. You can even go underneath the course provided you get a helmet for your protection from one of our guides; you never know when something could fall out of a someone's pocket. We have some picnic tables on site but you are welcome to bring a lawn chair if you wish.

Can I wear my own equipment?
While using our course, you must use the harnesses and helmets we provide.

When should I arrive?

You should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reservation to allow time for checking in.

Do you have Group Rates?

We offer discounts for groups of 10 or more. See our Rates section for more details. In order to receive this discount please book in advance either online or via the office. 

What about health concerns?
Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns before trying Rise and Climb Adventure Course. It is a strenuous workout. You'll be using muscles you may not have used in a while and it can be a big upper body workout. If you have a bad back, heart problems, trouble balancing, a fear of heights or something to this extent then we would recommend consulting your physician before climbing. Of course we don't recommend climbing if you're pregnant.

Where do I park?
31 Terry Fox Place, Cornwall PE, C0A1H0 is the address to plug into your maps.  Our parking lot is shared with the Terry Fox Centre and is located behind Eliot River School.  Once in the parking lot please follow the gravel walking path.  You will pass 2 ball diamonds, the soccer turf and the club house. You will see a grid of telephone-like poles in the distance.  That's us!   Give yourself 3-5 minutes for the walk.

An old GPS may direct you to Hilltop Drive.  There is no longer access to the Terry Fox parking from this street.  Please return to main street, head West and look for Terry Fox Place.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

What about refunds?
If you let us know 48 hours in advance of your climb that you are no longer able to make it we will invite you to rebook with us at a later date or offer a refund, less the PayPal fee.

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