Events and Parties
Planning for a staff party, staggette, school trip, birthday party, youth group or corporate event? Well Rise and Climb has you covered. We offer excellent rates and provide a memorable experience for groups of all ages and sizes. You can even bring your own food and use our picnic tables along with taking advantage of the facilities at the Terry Fox Sports Complex if so desired.

Want to bring your school? Please see our special School Group Package.

A Customized Experience

Rise and Climb is a Pod Course meaning everyone creates their own adventure. When you land on a platform you decide which way to go. There's no fixed route. If you want to skip a hard element you can. If you want to repeat a fun one feel free. There's no right or wrong path. If you get tired simply come off the course and rest before heading back up. While on the ground, you can watch everyone from the picnic tables. There's no pressure and everyone is free to make their own adventure at their own comfort level.

This lends itself really well to large groups as many are at different skill and fitness levels. You can easily interact with those who are at higher levels than yourself. Even people on the ground can still communicate with those above them. It's a great experience for everyone involved both young and old.

Laser Tag in the Woods

Your group can play Laser Tag and also conquer High Ropes and Zip Lines. You'll bond in the air by encouraging and helping one another and then strategize in the woods zapping each other with high tech laser tag equipment. What a perfect day!

Team Bonding

The challenging environment at Rise and Climb provides the perfect setting for team building. Work toward common goals. Strengthen group confidence and teamwork. Encourage fresh thinking among your peers and co-workers. Adapt to and overcome physical, mental and emotional obstacles.

In working with your group Rise and Climb will:
> Facilitate group goals safely and efficiently by managing risk
> Strengthen group confidence and teamwork
> Help implement any specific themes set out by your group leaders
> Help accomplish individual and group goals
> Provide time and space to debrief and reflect upon the day's activities
> Respect each participant comfortable level
> Encourage physical, mental and emotional development
> Provide enjoyment for all visitors!

Stag and Stagettes

Rise and Climb has helped prepare brides and grooms for the life-long journey of marriage by giving bridal parties a chance to have a blast, release some stress and share in an epic adventure of Zip Lines and High Rope Elements all at crazy, adrenaline pumping heights.

We've hosted dozens of bridal parties for both guys and gals. Everyone has a blast and leaves with great photographs and memories that aren't soon forgotten.

Of course sobriety is a must when scaling heights of over 40 feet. So plan accordingly and make us first on your schedule.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with the staff at Rise and Climb. We've hosted tons of birthday parties for groups of all ages and sizes. Two popular birthday party options are the Kids Course and Laser Tag.

The Kids Course offers 10 fun yet challenging elements and its own zip line. The high-tech belay system and our staff engagement will give you the freedom to encourage all the party goers and get some great picture. Training and play time on the course will be roughly 90 minutes.

The laser tag is another popular option that is played in our wooded area. The high tech guns, the competition, the exercise make for an exciting birthday party. You can book for either 60 or 90 minutes.

There are picnic tables on site and you are more than welcome to bring food, snacks or cake with you. Please remember to bring water for the party participants! Both options will make for an epic birthday party your child will not soon forget.

Events and Functions

Rise and Climb is not limited to birthdays and stag parties. Lots of Youth Groups, Schools and Corporate Groups have utilized our facilities. We can provide space for debriefing and team building exercises. We can accommodate large groups and we can stay open late or even open up on days we're off for groups of 10 or more with advance notice.


1. Book ahead. Each person in your party can choose different packages.
2. Youth under 18 must bring a signed Rise and Climb Waiver.
3. Everyone must be sober and in a clear state of mind.
4. Ensure proper footwear (sneakers, not sandals) and appropriate clothing.

You can book as many levels and components as you like which impacts time and financial commitments giving you flexibility when planning your day or meeting your budget.

Some companies have purchased a minimal Package for their members and given those members the option to pay the difference directly at our Kiosk if they desire to do additional levels.

Got a party of 30 or less? You can book online. If your group is bigger or you prefer to talk to us directly feel free to contact the office and we'll make sure there is enough staff to ensure you have a great time.

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