Camp Policies
Refund Policy
If you cancel 7 days in advance of your camp's start date you will receive a full refund. 
If you cancel less than 7 days before the start date you will receive a refund less $50. 
If you cancel by the end of the first day of your camp you will receive a refund less $75.
If you cancel by the end of the second day of your camp you will receive a refund less $95.
After the second day of camp there will be no refunds issued for days not attended.
No refunds will be issued when a camper has been asked to leave the camp.
Full refunds will be issued if we cancel a camp. We reserve the right to cancel camps if numbers are insufficient. If necessary, camps will be cancelled 7 days prior to the camp start date.

Season Membership: If you cancel or receive a refund your season membership shall become null and void. If your membership was used to climb before your camp, we'll simply prorate your refund to reflect each climb at a rate of $24.99 per climb. For example, if you cancel your camp but already climbed twice with your membership, you'll receive a refund less the two days worth of climbing. In this case we'd hold back $49.98 plus tax.

Extended Care Hours
We will provide extended care for campers for a fee of $25/week.  The extended hours will be from 8:00-8:30 and again from 4:30-5:00.  Please indicate extended registration on your registration form. 

Season Membership
Each camper will get a regular season membership with the purchase of a camp registration. For more details on what Memberships include Click Here. Your child's membership will become active as soon as you pay your registration fee in whole. So if you register for a camp in August but pay in June your membership becomes active in June.

Emergency Care
Parents are advised to expect a usual amount of scrapes, bruises and minor bumps associated with normal play. Naturally, not all minor incidents will reach the attention of the staff. However, all incidents/accidents that reach staff attention will be recorded for parent notification.

In case of major emergency/injury, you will be contacted to meet the camp staff at the nearest hospital. In cases of emergency ambulance use, parents will be responsible for any and all costs incurred. Parents are required to sign a permission form for necessary emergency medical treatment.

Medication Policy
Written instruction and a parentís signature are required before prescribed medication can be administered on a short/long term basis. Only medications with a current date, that is prescribed by a doctor and in the original bottle will be administered to your child. 

Medications must not be left in a childís cubbie/bag. All medications are to be handed to a staff member and stored in a safe location.

Sign In/Sign Out 
All campers must be signed in and out by a camp staff each day. 
Please ensure that everyone who has permission to pick-up your child has been added to their registration form.  Please be prepared to have photo ID available if you are picking up a camper.

In the event that your child is absent for illness or any other reason, parents are requested to inform us at your earliest convenience. From a business perspective, it is necessary that regular fees continue to be charged during periods of absence.

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