Kids Adventure Course
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Our Kids Adventure Course accommodates youth 6-12 years of age. It's a great introduction to climbing that will bring out the inner climbing enthusiast and spark a life long appreciation of adventure sport.

The course stretches across a series of poles with platforms approximately 12 feet off the ground. It contains kid friendly elements that are fun and challenging. Elements include swinging bridges, tight ropes, tire bridge, sideways climbing walls and more. We even have a kid friendly Zip Line!

Your child will have a blast. At approximately 12 feet above the ground, our Kids Course provides tremendous excitement and adventure in a safely controlled environment. We have a more advanced, "Always On" belay system for the kids. This sophisticated system allows the children to complete the course independently with an extra safety component.

Parents can cheer-on and support their young climber from the trail below.

We offer a Kid's package that begins with Ground School Training. Kids are equipped with a helmet, harness and a safety belay system that is easy to use but adds an additional layer of safety. Package details are outlined below.


Ground School Training, all Kids Course elements and Kids Course Zip Line.

"Always On" belay system allows kids to climb on their own, independent of adults.

1.5 to 2 hrs to complete.

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