Night Climbs
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If you think Rise and Climb is fun during the day wait until you check it out at night! Climbing under the stars is awesome and we invite you to experience the thrill this summer on select Tuesday nights starting at 8:30 pm. Open to participants ages 10 and up.

You'll be trained, follow the same rules and use the same gear as day climbing but you'll also get a Headlamp that will light your path. Staff will be positioned strategically and we'll have moderate lighting here and there (along with flood lights if needed). But mostly you'll rely on the moon, the stars and your headlamp for illumination while navigating the course, taking the 40 ft plunge and zipping in the dark. You'll have a blast we just know it!

Space is limited so make sure you reserve your spot online today. To reserve your spot, payment must be made in advance by booking online.

Dates: Tuesday, July 9 -Tuesday, August 27. Climbs begin at 8:30 pm and end at 10:30 pm. Please arrive between 8-8:20 to complete waivers.
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